The Alphas' Bliss

Surrender to Me

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A Dangerous Love 

G.J. Cox

I, Sebastian Kane, had everything a man could want. Money,   Power, Prestige.  I thought I was content in life with the occasional submissive to occupy me.  Then one night, at the sound of a woman’s laughter, things suddenly changed.  After meeting Miss Belle Anderson, I found myself wanting her, needing her and demanding her submission.  Then I did something I'd never done before, I fell in love with my submissive.

Could I, Belle Anderson, who had never been in a relationship in her entire adult life, cede control over my body to a man?  It wasn’t just for sex, because if was just about a repeat of what we did the previous night, I’d be all in.  No, it was about discipline, floggers, canes, whips, nipple and genital clamps.  It was about being restrained, blind folded, gagged.  It was also about trusting someone enough to know how far to push your limits, to command you to do something so far out of your comfort zone it was down right nerve racking.  Could I?  More importantly though could I do all this without falling in love with my Dom.

Micha, King of the Vampires and Devin, Leader of the Wolves, are two alphas who must learn to share one mate. They will also need to work together to convince said Mate to accept them both while trying to keep her safe and alive from a pack of rogue wolves who are dead set on capturing and killing her. 

Bliss has lived most of her life thinking she was half human and half vampire. She soon finds out that she’s also part wolf and the mate of the Lead Alpha of the Wolves. News not so well received.  While she’s dealing with all these new changes in her life, a rogue pack of wolves is also out to capture her and kill her for unknown reasons. 

Will she accept her mates in time for them to help her through her vampire/wolf transition?  Will her mates be able to keep her safe from the threat of the wolves?

Jacob: I’d said my goodbyes to Damien, my ex-lover,  two and half years prior and had moved on, or so I thought. Willow, my girlfriend, was the perfect woman, submissive and lover to me and I loved her unconditionally but something was missing in my life. For as much as Willow gave to me, I felt incomplete, undone, and to make matters worse, for the past several months I’d been dreaming of Damien and calling out for him in my sleep. Can I put Damien back in the past where he belongs before Willow gets hurt?

Willow: I fell in love with Jacob the moment he walked into my coffee shop and we’d been inseparable ever since. But, I knew I wasn’t enough for him, he needed more, he needed something...or someone other than me to be happy and content. I wish I was enough but I know what he truly needs is Damien St. James. Can I give him Damien and still keep him or am I destined to lose the man I love?  Will it even matter when my past comes back to haunt me and I may need to go on the run again?

Damien: I’d chosen my career over Jacob and had regretted it ever day since. I thought, believed, that being involved with a man would ruin me. Now, I have a new career and a new understanding of what it means to have loved and lost. I was determined to get Jacob back, the one true love of my life, but then a red haired beauty with big green eyes enters my life and turns it upside down. Will I need to choose between them or can we make a very unconventional, unusual relationship work?.

The Unexpected Submissive-Books  One & Two

I'm the local sheriff of a small Montana town.  Blue is the owner of the local pub. We have a great friendship, but I'm starting to want more.  I'm not sure when Blue had become so important to me, or when I started to see her in a light other than friendship.  All I know is that I want her, badly.  

She's a little hesitant at first to get involved, but I finally convince her to go out on a real date with me.  Soon after our initial date, she starts getting harassed and threatened.  Someone is after her.  We don't know who or why, but it definitely has something to with her involvement with me.  Will our new budding relationship survive the turmoil and danger?