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G.J. Cox

I was born and raised in the bayous of South Louisiana, I've always loved reading and escaping to new and wonderful places, even if just in my head. The first story I ever wrote, 'Riches to Rags' was in junior high school for a literature class and from that moment on, I was a writer. I've wrote many stories over the years but didn't actually publish anything until recently.

Now living in the Seattle, WA. area, I'm married to an amazingly supportive man, who doesn't mind doing the dishes or laundry when I'm hard at work on a new book. We have five furry rescues, three cats, two dogs (Rotty/Mastiff mix and Albino Great Dane) that keep us busy with their antics and wacky personalities.

When I'm not at the 9 to 5, you'll find me either writing (of course!) reading, or out exploring with the furry kids and the honey.​​​